Technology Executive Committee 15 - day 4

Technology Executive Committee

Fifteenth meeting

12–15 September 2017,

Bonn, Germany


5. Implementation of the rolling work plan for 2016 - 2018

e. ii. Mapping enabling environments and barriers

e. iii. Further activities on RD&D

b. ii. Inputs to the GFC Board

b. iii. Inputs for the annual meeting of the GFC with the UNFCCC bodies

b. iv. Update of the PSP evaluation report

c. i. Executive summaries on industrial EE [Part 2]

c. ii. Inputs to the assessment of the TEP in mitigation [Part 2]

7 Joint annual report of the Technology Executive Committee and the Climate Technology Centre and Network for 2017

a. Key messages of the TEC to COP 23: TNA [Part 4]

10. Other matters

9. Date and venue of the next meetings

11. Closure of the meeting